Bulk Bag Folder

The Bulk Bag Folder allows an operator to easily fold an empty bag. It avoids producing unacceptable airborne dust and protects the bag from contamination. The unit consists of an automated spool, dust collection bag inlet connection and an air vent to connect to a dust collection system (air flow requirements: 100 SCFM).

The Bulk Bag Folder system means that operators no longer have to wrestle with unwieldy discharged FIBC’s. More importantly, the integral dust extraction connection ensures discharged FIBC’s can be folded safely.

The ideal partner for the Bulk Bag Folder is a FLO 60 Bulk Bag Discharger fitted with an optional FIBC Evacuation and Bag Collapsing Arms. When emptying is complete, a vacuum is applied to the inside of the FIBC or liner, and automatic bag collapsing arms collapse the FIBC along its natural creases. The FIBC can be then be removed from the discharge station in a flat condition, free of dust laden air, for easy transfer to the Bulk Bag Folder.

Bulk Bag Folder Dust CollectionHowever, not all FIBC discharging operations justify FIBC Evacuation and Bag Collapsing Arms. The next best option is a Bulk Bag Folder fitted with an integral FIBC support table. This enables the operator to lay the bag out flat whilst clipping it to the dust extraction connection. This makes it easy for the operator to ensure that the FIBC has folded along its natural creases ensuring problem-free, flattest possible, aesthetically pleasing FIBC’s folded ready for re-use. The integral support table really does come into its own with FIBC’s that are long, have a heavy weave or stiff liners.

The integral support table has been ingeniously designed to double fold down flat against the front of the Bulk Bag Folder – significantly reducing the floor space required when not in use.

Residue product, disturbed during the folding process, is removed under vacuum and the inside of the FIBC spout is cleaned as the folder automatically withdraws it from the extraction connection. Folded FIBC’s are easy remove from the Bulk Bag Folder and are easy to handle whether for stacking onto pallets for reuse or inserting into suitable containers for disposal.

Once emptied large bulk bags can be unwieldy. To smooth the transition for disposal to an easily managed package, we have developed an Automated Bag Folder.

  • Meets all Health and Safety requirements
  • One man operation
  • Pneumatically operated
  • Easy loading and removal
  • Accommodates any size of bulk bag
  • Incorporating provisions for dust extracted during folding of the bulk bag

Bulk Bag Folder



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