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Filtration, Process & Material Handling Equipment

B&H INDUSTRIAL was founded in 1976 as one of the first industrial equipment manufacturers’ representatives in the country. Beginning as a long winded B & H Industrial Products, Inc., with Dollinger Filtration and Eriez Magnetics, we’ve always had a filtration and bulk solids / process equipment focus to our company. A family business of three generations strong, we pride ourselves on fast, friendly and honest service.


Way back in 1976, there weren’t many computers around. We did have several typewriters and later a Telex machine, but most of our business was done face-to-face at industrial manufacturing plants across the midwest. We were one of the first manufacturers representatives around and represented some of the finest industrial manufacturers. Our specialty has always been specifying filtration, process, and material handling equipment for manufacturers. We have successfully helped manufacturers for five decades.


Times have changed and so have we! We shortened our very long name to B&H INDUSTRIAL, but expanded our equipment offering and customer base thanks to the Internet. We’ve also learned a lot along the way.

With over 50 years of (not combined) experience, B&H INDUSTRIAL is your source for compressed air, filtration, process and material handling equipment.

Why Choose B&H

Genuine Individuals. Meaningful Efforts. Tangible Benefits.

Some of the benefits of working with B&H.

Expertise and Experience

Three generations with factory training and many site visits and installations under their belts.

Leading Manufacturers

Many of the manufacturers we represent are considered leaders in ther fields.

Proven Equipment

Our manufacturers have been solving solutions with proven equipment from over 30 to 90 years.


Most of our products are custom manufactured for your specific application.

Collaborative Partnership

Site visits, online presentations. and troubleshooting for industrial equipment.

Cost of Operation

Reduce costs with compressed air, filtration, packaging & metal contamination and recovery.

Competitive Pricing

Reduce purchasing costs with aftermarket filters, desiccant and compressor oil.

Proven Track Record

Countless successful industrial installations since 1976.

Friendly Support

We're still a family owned business and want you to be treated in a friendly way.

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Specifying Industrial Equipment and Supplies since 1976

Compressed Air, Filtration, Processing and Material Handling for 48 years.

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