Bulk Bag Filler

Metalfab Bulk Bag Filler / Loader

Metalfab Bulk Bag Filling Stands and Systems are engineered to provide a safe, reliable, and dust free means to fill lined, reusable, and disposable (one way) bulk bags with a wide variety of powders and other difficult to handle dry
bulk materials. The basic cantilever filling stand allows loading from three sides and includes a 60˝ x 60˝ diamond plate bag support surface with 5,000 lb. capacity, adjustable bag holding frame fabricated from 3˝ structural tubing, fixed position bag holding hooks, and frame mounted inflatable bag seal for dust free filling.

The main support posts and bag clamp bars are predrilled at 2˝ intervals to allow adjustment of the frame to accommodate bags from 36-85˝ in height. All material contact surfaces are 304 stainless steel. Metalfab can also provide a completely integrated turnkey package inclusive of the stand, a choice of weighing options, feeding systems, cutoff valves, digital control instrumentation for direct connection to a PLC or DCS, and motorized conveyor sections to remove filled bags from the bulk bag or bulk container filling stand.

Inexpensive Automation

  • Pneumatically Operated Bag Clamps
  • Motorized Conveyor Sections
  • Acme Jack Screw for automatic Raise and Lower for different size bags with PLC sensors
  • Vibration Platform densifies product in the bulk bag to maximize bag fill volumes
  • Drum Filling Attachment fills up to four drums on a pallet in sequence.
  • Slide Gate stops the flow of product into bulk bags.
  • Weighing options include Load Cell Weighing, Digital Weight Display, and Batch Controller


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