Flexible Screw Conveyor

Metalfab flexible screw conveyor. Shown with hopper.

Metalfab Convey-All/FSC Flexible Screw Conveyors feature a rugged modular design and provide a highly effective yet economical means to convey powder or granular material without product separation. Conveyors are available in configurations from 10 to 20 ft. lengths with a choice of a 3˝ diameter helix screw rated to convey up to 150 cu. ft./hr. or a 4˝ diameter helix screw rated to convey up to 450 cu. ft./hr. Engineered with only one moving part, the conveyors are economical to use, easy to clean, and simple to maintain with virtually no process downtime.

Features / Benefits

  • Rugged, Flexible Design: provides long life and versatility to accommodate other Metalfab upstream and downstream equipment such as bin activators, bulk bag unloaders, Posibins™, feeders, and hoppers
  • Only One Moving Part: makes the conveyor economical to operate and easy to maintain with virtually no process downtime
  • Top and Bottom Cleanout Ports: provide access flexibility in tight spaces and allow the conveyor to be easily cleaned
  • Endless beaded Flexible Sleeve: is 7/16″ thick with 3-ply reinforcement that will not puncture, slip or leak
  • Standard 304 SS Helix Screw and Contact Parts: permit use in a wide range of applications
  • Dust-Free Connections: minimize housekeeping and permit use in any plant environment (sleeve and clamps optional)
  • Optional Sanitary Design: available upon request

Operating Characteristics

  • Handles powders, pellets, flakes, and other dry solids
  • Two models in configurations from 10 to 20 ft. lengths
  • 3″ diameter flat open-type helix screw with beveled edges conveys up to 10 cu. ft./hr.
  • 4″ diameter helix screw conveys up to 450 cu. ft./hr.
  • Ruggedly built for continuous, long lasting operation


Available Options

  • Level probe; explosion-proof level probe; explosion-proof drive motor; conveyor tube extensions; 304 stainless steel trough cover; open top 304 stainless steel hopper; quick clamps for hopper or trough covers; Metalfab dump and Metatech™ feeder-type dump hoppers; hopper vibrators (air or electric); pneumatically operated discharge diverter with two 6″ diameter discharge ports; portable support stands; special controls (consult factory for details).
  • Other Metalfab upstream/downstream bin activators, Convey-All™ Conveyors, bulk bag unloaders, Posibins™ and hoppers


Installation of multiple Metalfab Flexible Screw Conveyors.


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