Vibratory Tube Conveyor

Metalfab Convey-All/VTC Vibratory Tube Conveyors provide a way to convey high rates of difficult flowing or friable dry solids materials. Conveyors are available in 4 to 10 ft. lengths and nominally convey up to 400 cu. ft./hr. Engineered with only two moving parts, vibrators and isolators, the conveyors are economical to use, easy to clean, and simple to maintain with virtually no process downtime.


  • Rugged, Flexible Design provides long life and versatility to accommodate other Metalfab upstream and downstream equipment such as bin activators, bulk bag unloaders, Posibins™, feeders, and hoppers
  • Clamp-On Vibrating Tube can be easily removed or replaced for use with other materials
  • Only Two Moving Parts make the conveyor economical to operate and easy to maintain with virtually no process downtime
  • Choice of Top or Bottom Mounted Conveyor and/or Drive provides maximum installation flexibility
  • Four Point Suspension System isolates energy to the conveyor resulting in high conveying rates with low power consumption
  • Easily Accessible Cleanout Ports provide quick and easy cleanout of the conveyor
  • Quiet Dust-Free Operation meets OSHA decibel requirements and minimizes housekeeping
  • Optional SS Wetted Part Sanitary and Pressurized Designs allow flexibility to meet a wide range of applications

Operating Characteristics

  • Handles powders, pellets, flakes, and other dry solids
  • Nine models in 4 to 10 ft. lengths
  • 6″ to 10″ diameter tubes convey from 110 to 400 cu. ft./hr.
  • Ruggedly built for continuous, long lasting operation



  • Standard Units: All metal contact parts are304 stainless steel with 2B mill type finish.
  • Sanitary Units: All metal contact parts are 304 stainless steel with #4 polish on contact surfaces and Heliarc welds that are crack and crevice free. Epoxy painted exterior carbon steel parts.
  • Vibrator Motors/Isolators: Two TENV, 230/460V, 3 phase vibrator motors (below mounted vibrator standard; top mounted vibrators available at no extra charge). Four elastomer isolators to isolate energy to conveyor for high conveying rates at low energy consumption.


Available Options

  • End plate hand nuts; 1/4, 1/3 and 1/2 HP explosion-proof vibrator motors; bolted and gasketed access panel on top of tube; clear plastic end caps; conveyor tube extensions; high temperature items (isolators, spacers for vibrator motors, inlet/outlet sleeves). Consult factory for details.
  • Other Metalfab upstream/downstream bin activators , Convey-All™ Conveyors, bulk bag unloaders, Posibins™ and hoppers


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