Dollinger Radial Fin Cartridge Filters

Dollinger radial fin filter element

Dollinger Filter Elements, Radial Fin and Panel Filters, are available in 200 different filter element media with up to 99.97% efficiency at 0.3 microns. Dollinger radial fin cartridge filter elements have a unique and high dirt-holding design and options for many different micron ratings.

The Dollinger filter element features an innovative radial finned design that maximizes filtration area within its given size. This design enhancement directly increases dirt holding capacity, reduces pressure drop, and extends the overall service life of the filter.

Utilizing either carbon or stainless steel support structures, Dollinger filter media ensures durability and reliability. The standard radial fin filter element design maintains its integrity under pressures of up to 50 psid. For applications requiring higher pressure capabilities, custom filter element designs are available.

A Dollinger advantage with the radial fin filter elements is their interchangeability, allowing for easy adjustment of filtration levels in response to changing process conditions. Need a better micron rating? No problem.

Whether your filtration needs involve air, gas, or liquid, Dollinger filters and replacement elements offer optimal protection for your compressed air and gas equipment and processes.


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