Dollinger GP-154 Vacuum Filter

Dollinger GP-154 vacuum filter housing.

The Dollinger GP-154 Vacuum Filter was developed for efficient removal of dust, dirt, pipe scale and other solid particulates from air and gas vacuum lines.

This vacuum filter assures positive protection for all types of pumps in vacuum service and other pipeline equipment in vacuum melting, distillation, packaging and other processes by preventing all foreign matter from being drawn into the pump.

Dollinger manufactures 14 standard models with a wide range of capacities up to 14,700 acfm pump displacement, and connection sizes 1/2-inch to 3/4-inch diameter female type; 1-inch to 4-inch diameter male type with female or flanged adapter available upon request; and sizes 6-inch to 24-inch diameter 150# ANSI standard flange type.

Housing Type and Construction
The housing of the Dollinger GP-154 is manufactured of rugged enameled carbon steel. It is designed and constructed for high vacuum applications operating in a range from 760 mm Hg (atmospheric pressure) down to .001 mm Hg absolute. The vessel head of model GP-154-10 is die-cast aluminum. The vessel body is drawn carbon-steel. Model GP-154-10 has a single thru-bolt for ease of assembly and disassembly.

Models GP-154-15 through GP-154-140 feature a quick opening clamp for convenient maintenance. On all other models, swing bolts are permanently attached to allow easy access to the vessel. A removable hinge assembly is standard on all vessels 16-inch in diameter and larger. Head lift assembly is available upon request.

The inlet/outlet connections are furnished in a horizontal, in-line configuration and can be quickly serviced without breaking pipe connections. The sump of the GP-154 accommodates dirt that is separated mechanically. This reduces the containment load on the filter media and increases the filter element life.

The standard filter housing may also be modified or customized to meet unique or special application needs.

Filter Element Design and Construction
The GP-154 model, incorporating the efficient Dollinger radial-fin design element, provides continued minimum pressure drop, extended service life, efficient filtration and assures the largest filtering area for a given element size. This means a more compact, lighter weight filter assembly with greater dirt holding capacity. Standard GP-154 models are furnished with a sewn-end element which is cleanable and replaceable.

Filter Element Materials
Standard elements are furnished with a special felted filter medium providing 10 micron solid retention at 98% efficiency. GP-154 elements are also supplied in many alternative materials including synthetic fibers or woven glass. Standard elements are hand sewn and hand assembled to a metal and wire element form. Sealing gaskets are attached by hand. Careful quality control assures positive sealing of all hand-sewn elements to prevent leakage of unfiltered air or gases past the element.


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