Dollinger GP-146 Particulate Filter

The Dollinger series GP-146 high efficiency filter housings are designed to remove final traces of dirt, pipe scale and other solid contaminants from process air and other gases. Unlike conventional multiple-cartridge filters, the Dollinger Element Design Concept maximizes the effective filtration area for a given vessel size resulting in lower differential pressure and extended service life. In addition to the standard range of filter designs and capacities to suit the particular process / application demands of the customer.

Features include:

    • Dollinger GP-146 Particulate Filter Housing is designed and constructed in accordance with the ASME VIII, Division I Pressure Vessel construction code. (Canadian and European code compliance also available).
    • Constructed of carbon steel or stainless steel. Special requirements for low temperature applications can also be accommodated.
    • Efficient radial fin filter element design which provides the largest filtration area for a given element size. Ensured integrity up to a differential pressure of 50 psid. Special designs are available for applications which demand higher differential capabilities.
    • Extensive range of synthetic and natural fiber filter media suitable for use with most process fluids.
    • Dollinger filter element can be cleaned and re-used many times. This feature is especially beneficial in applications having high levels of contaminant.
    • Elements may be inter-changed to vary the degree of filtration.


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