Dollinger AI-104 Air Intake Filter

Dollinger AI-104 air intake filter housing. Blue in color.

The Dollinger AI-104 is one of the most efficient air intake filters on the market. Developed to meet a variety of air filtration requirements for all types of engines, compressors and blowers, it has low initial pressure drop and high dirt holding capacity.

The AI-104 is designed to mount upright, either directly on the machinery inlet, or on remote air intake piping. Dollinger provides 31 standard models, with capacities up to 20,000 scfm and outlet sizes from 1/2-inch to 24-inch plate flange (matches diameter and drilling for 150# ANSI standard.

Housing Design and Construction
All AI-104 models are manufactured of enameled carbon steel which provides strength and long-life protection from snow and rain on outdoor installations. This rugged housing construction eliminates the need for louvers or separate weatherhoods. There is no need for special foundations or structural supports because all models mount directly on the machinery or remote air intake piping. The filter housing may also be modified or customized to meet special application needs.

Element Design and Construction
The AI-104 incorporates an efficient replaceable, cleanable radial-fin element. The pleated or “radial-fin” design provides a more compact, lighter-weight filter assembly with greater dirt holding capacity. This ensures minimum pressure drop, the largest filtering area for a given element size, long filter life and efficient filtration. Our standard elements are manufactured with a special durable felt medium having a contaminant removable efficiency of 98% of all particles 10 microns and larger. When required, we can provide special media of synthetic fibers or woven glass which provides a wide range of efficiencies. Standard elements are furnished with a carbon steel center core and galvanized steel wire mesh support frame. Stainless steel materials are also available.

Sewn or Molded-End Filter Elements
The sewn-end element on models AI-104-590-080 and larger feature sewn construction. This unique feature prevents leakage of unfiltered air past the element. Following several field cleanings, this sewn-end style can be returned to our factory for recovery and reconditioning. Here, the element frame is stripped of medium, inspected for mechanical integrity, wire brushed, sand blasted, degreased, repaired (if necessary), and covered with new filter medium. It is then packaged and promptly returned – good as new at a substantial cost saving.

The molded-end element used on models up to AI-104-440-080 provides positive gasket sealing to prevent leakage of unfiltered air. The element is manufactured of a special durable felted medium, removing 98% of all particles 10 microns and larger. If required, Dollinger can provide special media of synthetic fibers or woven glass which provide a range of efficiencies.


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