1235 Metal Detector

Eriez 1235 metal detector

The Model 1235 Metal Detector has the unique ability to detect and discriminate between magnetic and non-magnetic tramp metals. Installing the Model 1235 Metal Detector with the magnet activation circuit before a Suspended Electromagnet allows the 1235 to control the magnet power based on the presence of magnetic tramp metal, which will enable the customer to conserve energy and save money.

When non-magnetic metal is detected, a separate relay activates which can be used to stop the belt for manual removal. The 1235 can also be adjusted to stop the belt when oversized magnetic metal is detected, which may be too large for the magnet to remove. The Model 1235 Metal Detector can be designed to fit on a variety of conveyors and to accommodate numerous belt widths.

Features & Benefits:

  • All solid state integrated circuits
  • Designed for outdoor use
  • No balancing or tuning required
  • Built-in Coast Alarm circuitry
  • Swing-away coil protection
  • Field-replaceable circuit modules
  • No periodic maintenance required
  • Fail-safe control circuit


Installation of Eriez 1235 metal detector on conveyor belt. Control shown on right side.
Eriez 1235 Metal Detector installed on a belt conveyor with Eriez solid state control.


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