Vibratory Feeders

Eriez AC Operated Electromagnetic Drives using “alternating opposing and attracting magnetic forces” are extremely accurate, reliable and energy efficient. These units have no sliding or rotating parts to operate. Benefit from more linear feed rates, 65% less energy consumption, and quick stop / start action . . . available only from Eriez’ patented AC operated Electromagnetic Vibratory Feeders.

Light and Medium Duty Feeders

Eriez light and medium duty vibratory feeders. Vibratory feeder shown mounted to vibratory drive.With their totally enclosed magnetic drive, Light and Medium Duty Feeders are perfect for feeding practically any bulk material—from micron size to bulk chunks. They feature solid state controls, which operate the state-of-the-art feeders with “watch like” precision. Custom designs are available and may include multiple drives, enclosed trays or screens. Additionally, a wide variety of standard and special trays are available.

Heavy Duty Feeders

Eriez heavy duty vibratory feeder shown with base mounted drive.Eriez Heavy Duty Electromagnetic Vibratory Feeders are ideal for handling coal, ore, aggregates, slag—or any other situation where high volume, controlled feeding is required. With their energy-saving intermeshed AC/permanent magnet drive, these powerful units are the workhorses in Eriez’ huge stable of Vibratory Feeders and Conveyors. They are available in nine models with capacities to 850 tons (765 MT) per hour*. (*Capacity is based on sand weighing 100 pounds per cubic ft. (1.6 metric tons per cubic meter)

Vibratory Conveyors

Eriez vibratory conveyor shown as a mechanical conveyor mounted on base.Simple and rugged Mechanical Conveyors from Eriez provide controlled movement of large volumes of bulk materials. They are available in single and two-mass vibrating systems which are excited by a motor-driven eccentric shaft. These vibrating machines feature a compact, straight line design that presents a low profile, yet enables easy maintenance. Minimum headroom is required.

Vibratory Screeners

Eriez vibratory screener shown with screen deck.High capacity Vibratory Screeners are designed for liquid/solid separation and wet or dry classification. These easy-to-operate gyratory units allow trouble-free and quick tuning to specific feed rates, product and separation requirements. Benefits are many, including long screen life and no damping under loads. Inline screeners are also available. Many screen deck options are available with perforations, mesh screens, grizzly decks for aggregate applications, and custom screening options. High speed, high deflection for low density products, and heavy duty vibratory screeners… Only From Eriez.

Vibratory Controls

Eriez Unicon Vibratory Feeder control. Shown with power button and variable rate speed dial.Designed to provide a precise amount of vibration for vibratory feeders, Eriez offers a line of solid state Vibratory Feeder Controls with state-of-the-art electronics at very competitive prices.

Eriez offers variable rate vibratory feeder controls with optional signal following for automating your feeding process and increasing operational efficiency. Upgrade from your inefficient DC operated vibratory feeders and switch to the energy efficient Eriez A/C operated vibratory drives and controls.

Bin Vibrators

Eriez electromagnetic bin vibrators with two Eriez bin vibrators on display.Eriez Bin Vibrators are used in applications ranging from the tiniest hopper to huge bunkers, providing efficient and economical movement of hard-to-handle bulk materials. Reduce energy costs with A/C operated electromagnetic bin vibrators which use the full sine wave versus inefficient DC operated bin vibrators.


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