CleanStream™ Process

Eriez’ CleanStream™ is revolutionizing ferrous processing in the scrap metal market with “best-in-class” metal recovery rates and grade improvement. The process consists of the new rare earth Xtreme permanent drum magnet, P-Rex, and the innovative new Shred1® Ballistic Separator. Working in tandem, this equipment leads to better recovery and a higher-grade ferrous product while delivering it at a lower cost per ton. Innovation… improving metal recovery.

The CleanStream™ Process: The P-Rex® Scrap Drum is proven to recover 99% of ferrous metals. It is 40% stronger than all other scrap drums with a huge pick-up zone and edge-to-edge strength.

The new innovative Traction Plate™ Drum Wrap has significantly improved cleaning action. It keeps the ferrous from sliding down and “clumping” on the cleat, which entrains more dirt and fluff.

The Shred1™ Ballistic Separator automatically produces a higher-grade ferrous product. It uses ballistics to efficiently separate iron-rich ferrous from much of the mixed metals and waste material in the post drum magnet flow. The Shred1 delivers three distinct fractions: a premium low-copper ferrous product, a traditional #2 shred and a heavy/light/waste mix.


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