The Problem: An Indiana company which compounds plastic resin required magnetic separation equipment to improve product purity. They contacted B&H to come up with a solution for their ferrous contamination problem. Upon arrival to their facility it was discovered that the powder product contained a high amount of moisture which made it bridge and clog. A standard Grate Magnet would not work for this application as the material would tend to clog through the 1-inch openings in between the magnetic tubes.

The Equipment: Eriez Magnetic Rota-Grate®

The Solution: Eriez Rota-Grate® Permanent Magnetic Separators have been specifically designed to remove both large pieces of unwanted iron as well as minute ferrous particles from material flows that tend to clog and bridge when passed through small openings. This dual action unit rotates a number of powerful magnetic tubes through the material. The magnetic action attracts and holds the unwanted iron, and the rotary action prevents the material flow from packing and plugging the processing line.

This action further combs and breaks apart materials that tend to cling together forcing all particles to pass close to moving magnetic tubes.

Manual clean, easy to clean, and self-cleaning models are available.

The Result: After reviewing the recommendation and proposal offered by B & H and Eriez, the Indiana company purchased (6) six Eriez Rota-Grates® for immediate installation. We were able to meet their quick delivery requirement, and more importantly, the six Rota-Grates® have been successfully operating and removing ferrous contamination since 2000.

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