Drum Magnets

Eriez drum magnet and Drum Magnet-In-Housing

Eriez Drum Magnets are self-cleaning magnet assemblies that continuously remove tramp metal from a product flow. Ceramic, Rare Earth and complete double drum in housing designs are available. Eriez’ Drum Separators remove both large and small pieces of iron contaminants from material processing lines. Powerful permanent magnets enable more efficient separation performance for a broader range of applications than ever before. The complete line includes standard models in diameters from 12 to 36 inches (305 to 915 mm), and widths from 12 to 60 inches (305 to 1525 mm). These units provide efficient separation on volumes up to 25,600 cubic feet (725 cubic meters) per hour. They provide years of trouble–free automatic removal of tramp iron from heavy flows of bulk materials, including large and highly abrasive materials.

Principle of Operation

Illustration of Eriez Drum Magnet operation

Three Styles of Drum Magnet Separators

As material reaches the drum, the magnetic field attracts and holds ferrous particles to the drum shell. As the drum revolves, it carries the material through the stationary magnetic field. The nonmagnetic material falls freely from the shell, while the magnetic particles are held firmly until they are carried out of the magnetic field.

Type CC – Criss-Cross Circuit Drum
Type CC Model Drum Separators have a unique “criss–cross” magnetic circuit. A powerful permanent magnetic field uniformly covers the entire drum width to ensure maximum tramp iron removal. The smooth stainless steel shell with single wiper strip assures positive tramp iron discharge and a minimum of product carryover on powdery or cohesive materials.

Type RE – Rare Earth Drum
Rare Earth Drum Separators should be used for applications where a high degree of product purity is required. Rare Earth Drums are effective in removing very fine ferrous particles, locked particles, and even strongly paramagnetic particles. Magnetic lines of flux are concentrated in each internal pole, creating an extremely high–gradient magnetic field.

Type A – Agitator-Type Drum
Type A Agitator–Type Drum Separators automatically removes difficult–to–separate magnetic contamination from nonmagnetic materials. This Drum (available with or without HFP housing) has a specially designed magnetic element that causes agitation of materials passed over it. The agitation moves the material in and out of a set of magnetic fields, and thereby physically shakes nonmagnetic materials from ferrous materials, even when entangled.

P-Rex Rare Earth Drum Magnet

Learn about the strongest drum magnet available, the Eriez P-Rex Rare Earth Scrap Drum Magnet.
40% stronger than Suspended Electromagnets!

“The P-Rex drums are everything Eriez says they are and more. We could not be happier with them. We have been running them for a year now and have had zero issues.” – Rob Weber, Garden Street Iron & Metal


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