Van Air 10BF Max Performance Desiccant

Max Performance, Type 10BF, is the most hygroscopic absorbent deliquescent desiccant formulated by Van Air Systems for use with single and sequential tower compressed air dryers. Very low dew point requirements in compressed air dehydration can usually be met using 10BF desiccant.

10BF is a hard tablet formed from hygroscopic materials that attract and hold moisture. The materials in the compound are non-toxic and are completely soluble in water.

As the desiccant tablet draws water vapor out of the compressed air, the surface of the tablet slowly dissolves and forms a solution which eventually drops from its surface. The deliquescent desiccant tablet continues to remove moisture and forms this solution until the tablet is entirely consumed.

When used in a properly sized single or sequential tower desiccant air dryer, 10BF will remove sufficient moisture vapor to establish a 13% RH in the air line.

10BF is recommended for use where the operating temperature is at or below 100° F. For applications where the temperature conditions exceed 100° F, a pre-bed of ceramic bead support is recommended to maximize the efficiency of the absorbent desiccant.


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