HI Interally Heated Compressed Air Dryer

Van Air HI Series internally heated regenerative compressed air dryers protect pneumatic equipment and processes from the harmful effects of moisture within the air lines. Our HI Series air dryers utilize a multiple-element heater located within the desiccant tower to heat the purge air for the regeneration of the adsorbent desiccant. Van Air HI Series air dryers supply super dry, -40 F/C pressure dew point for critical requirements for pneumatic instruments, controls and sensitive process air. Wet inlet air flows through the drying tower where moisture is attracted to and adsorbed on the desiccant. A small portion of the dry outlet air (expanded to atmospheric pressure) is diverted to the regenerating tower where it is heated as it flows downward through the heater isolation tube. This air is then directed upward through the bed where it collects moisture and is discharged through the purge valve(s). The eight-hour MENA cycle includes four hours of drying, three hours or heating and one hour of cooling per tower. Individual heater thermostats and adjustable purge flow rates allow you to adjust the HI Series heated regenerative air dryer to meet your operating requirements. Low watt density heaters contained within the desiccant towers prevent hot spots which could cause fusing and other damage to the adsorbent desiccant beads. The -40° F / C dew point achieved with a Van Air HI Series compressed air dryer virtually eliminates internal pipe corrosion, adding years to your air system piping. Constructed and tested to the most demanding standards, our HI Series internally heated regenerative compressed air dryers are built in-house and made to last. All HI Series desiccant vessels are ASME certified. Separate valves for hot purge air prevent thermal shock and extend valve life. Standard on all HI Series compressed air dryers, our patented Interlock valve ensures the most reliable tower cycling on the market.


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