Mist Eliminator Filter

Our Mist Eliminator is a special purpose coalescing filter to handle large amounts of oil with minimal pressure drop in the air line. The housing of the Mist Eliminator is ASME coded and coated with white enamel to prevent chipping, cracking, and corrosion. We are so confident about the quality of our product that a five year warranty comes standard on all of our Mist Eliminator housings.

Like the housing, the coalescing filter element used with our Mist Eliminator is built to last. Designed to handle large amounts of oil within the air stream, the filter element is constructed of a thick bed of glass fibers that facilitates self-cleaning and continuous draining. This ensures longer element life than that of pleated or borosilicate glass coalescing filters. On average, the filter element only needs to be replaced every ten years and carries a ten year prorated warranty. Throughout the operating life of the filter element, pressure differential is 1 PSID or less.



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