HB Blower Heated Compressed Air Dryer

Van Air HB Series heated regenerative compressed air dryers are designed to protect pneumatic equipment and processes from the harmful effects of moisture within compressed air lines. When you don’t have compressed air to spare, Van Air HB Series air dryers provide the solution requiring no purge air for adsorbent desiccant regeneration.

Van Air HB Series heated regenerative air dryers are able to process large volumes of compressed air both economically and efficiently. Unlike a heatless regenerative air dryer, Van Air HB Series air dryers require no compressed air to regenerate the desiccant. Instead, our HB Series air dryers utilize an externally mounted heater and centrifugal blower to drive hot atmospheric purge air through the desiccant bed to regenerate the adsorbent desiccant.

Wet compressed air is directed downward through the drying tower where moisture is adsorbed on the desiccant. In the regenerating tower, moisture is stripped from the desiccant by atmospheric air drawn in through the blower and passed over the heater. As the hot purge air flows through the bed, it collects moisture and is discharged through the purge valve(s). The eight-hour MENA cycle includes four hours of drying, three hours or heating and one hour of cooling per tower.

By using a Van Air HB Series heated regenerative compressed air dryer, you are able to dry your compressed air in the most efficient and cost-effective way. You may even eliminate the need for an extra air compressor to compensate for purge air usage. There are significant savings when compared to the air usage in a heatless or heated purge dryer of the same size, keeping more air available for your production processes.

Constructed and tested to the most demanding standards, our HB Series compressed air dryers are built in-house with quality and efficiency in mind. All HB Series desiccant vessels are ASME certified and insulated with an aluminum jacket for the greatest safety and operating efficiency. The Incoloy heater is also insulated with an aluminum jacket and is resistant to high temperatures and corrosion, guaranteeing a long life. The centrifugal blower contains only one moving part for minimal vibration and ensures a long operating life. Standard on all HB Series air dryers, our patented Interlock valve ensures the most reliable tower cycling.


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