Portable Desiccant Air Dryers

Van Air’s Blast Pak portable compressed air dryer is the best choice for moisture removal in portable sandblasting applications. The Blast Pak desiccant dryer reduces production downtime in all coating and lining processes by preventing air-line contamination, flash rusting, clogged blast pots, and air-line freeze-ups.

The Blast Pak compressed air dryer system is designed to operate with compressed air temperatures up to 250° F. Standard systems can handle 400 through 1600 SCFM, but custom systems are available as well.

  • Complete Air Dryer Portability
  • Air Operated
  • Small Footprint
  • Easy Desiccant Level Viewing
  • Free Initial Desiccant Fill
  • 10 Year Vessel Warranty
  • Increase Blasting Profitability
  • Eliminate Flash Rusting, Clogged Blast Pots and Downtime


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