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Van Gas natural gas dryer installation outside.

Pipeline gas dryers, instrument gas dryers, landfill gas dryers – we offer numerous gas dryers to meet your gas moisture specifications in a wide range of applications, including wellhead production, coal bed methane, fuel gas and point of use. Our pipeline, instrument and landfill gas dryers are environmentally friendly and provide consistent performance and low operating costs. Custom engineered solutions are also available for high pressures and gas temperatures, explosion proof classification and subfreezing ambient temperature.

Van Air Systems offers a variety of proven solutions including dryers and desiccants natural gas dehydration. Whether the application requires meeting pipeline moisture specifications, inhibiting hydrate formation, preventing condensation in pipelines, or improving the combustion quality of fuel gas, we have a gas dryer to meet your application. There are many benefits to using GasDry desiccants, such as:

  • Van Air Gas Pak Pro natural gas drying system. Shown on metal skid platform.Preventing fuel line and control gas freeze-ups
  • Meeting pipeline moisture specifications
  • Preventing hydrate formation
  • Reducing emissions from traditional TEG dehydrators
  • Minimizing expertise required from operators and service technicians
  • Delivering reliably dry gas at remote locations


Van Air / Van Gas GasDry desiccants are applied throughout the natural gas industry. From the production field, to the processing plant, storage, transmission, and distribution, removing water vapor from natural gas is our speciality. Natural gas dehydration experts at Van Gas Technologies have decades of experience and have encountered virtually every application imaginable. Natural gas producers and transporters often rely on wellhead gas to fuel production equipment in remote locations where access to the electric grid is impractical or unavailable. Impurities in untreated natural gas can damage costly equipment. Water freezes within fuel lines, potentially shutting down production. Wet fuel gas corrodes and damages essential equipment. Desiccant gas dryers efficiently condition (dehydrate) natural gas for compressors, generating sets, turbines, heaters, pumps and any gas-fired piece of equipment. Furthermore, a gas dryer can be sized to match virtually any flow rate, with the best part being that Van Air dryers require no fuel for operation and have no moving parts.


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