HP Heated Purge Compressed Air Dryer

Van Air HP Series heated purge regenerative compressed air dryers are designed to protect pneumatic equipment and processes from the harmful effects of moisture within air lines. Our HP Series compressed air dryers provide a low -40° F/C pressure dew point for superior air line moisture protection while offering the efficiency of convection-heated desiccant regeneration with minimal purge air. These factors, along with the high flow capabilities of the HP Series compressed air dryer, make for an ideal dryer for use in general manufacturing and process industry applications. The HP Series heated regenerative air dryer requires no overhead clearance to replace the heating element since it is located outside of the dryer vessel. Our HP Series compressed air dryers incorporate a heatless back-up mode to keep the dryer on stream if the heating element requires service. This prevents loss of production in the event of heater failure or maintenance. The externally located heating element of the HP Series compressed air dryer also provides an extra measure of safety compared to that of internally heated air dryers. The external heater protects against overheating and other physical damage to the desiccant. Therefore, not only does the external heater provide additional safety, but can also extend the life of the drying system. Wet compressed air enters the inlet valve at the bottom of the unit and is dried as it flows upward through a bed of adsorbent desiccant. Dry air exits the outlet valve at the top of the dryer. A small portion of the outlet air is redirected through the external heater and downward through the offstream tower to regenerate the desiccant. Wet air is exhausted through the purge valve. The eight-hour NEMA cycle includes four hours of drying, three hours of heating and one hour of cooling per tower. Constructed and tested to the most demanding standards, our HP Series externally heated regenerative compressed air dryers are built and tested at our facility located in Lake City, PA. All HP Series desiccant vessels are ASME certified and utilize our patented Interlock valve logic. The Interlock valve used on all HP Series compressed air dryers ensures the most reliable tower cycling on the market.


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