FS-Curtis CT Series Reciprocating Compressors

FS Curtis CT reciprocating air compressor. Green air compressor with drive, belt and fan.

FS-CURTIS CT Series Reciprocating Compressors

FS-Curtis CT Series reciprocating air compressors are the ideal compressed air solution for applications requiring intermittent duty cycles. Affordable and rugged at the same time, the  FS-Curtis CT compressor’s 100% cast-iron critical components are long lasting and hard to beat.

FS Curtis Model CT reciprocating air compressor. Green with logo.

FS-Curtis CT Reciprocating Compressor 5-10 HP

The FS-Curtis CT reciprocating compressors offer unmatched durability and performance. With a 100% cast-iron build for all critical components, these compressors outperform and outlast those with aluminum parts. The two-stage cast-iron pump, deep-finned cylinders, and ductile iron crankshaft ensure efficient operation and exceptional longevity. Quality features include a high-flow stainless steel valve system and precision-fit bearings, enhancing pump life. Designed for ease of maintenance with a visible oil level sight glass and a robust metal intake filter, the CT Series sets a high standard for affordable, industrial-grade compressors, delivering superior pressures and durability.


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