Reciprocating Air Compressors

FS Curtis CT reciprocating air compressor. Green air compressor with drive, belt and fan.

FS-CURTIS Reciprocating Air Compressors

FS-Curtis reciprocating air compressors are the ideal compressed air solution for applications requiring intermittent duty cycles. Whether you’re looking for an affordable and compact 0.75HP unit for light tasks or a robust 50HP model for industrial demands, FS-Curtis has engineered its compressors to meet the diverse needs of many different applications.

You have a wide range of choices with the reliability and maintenance ease of oil-lubricated models, the purity of oil-free air for sensitive applications, or the flexibility and mobility of gas-driven reciprocating air compressors. FS-Curtis offers a comprehensive lineup or reciprocating compressors to meet and exceed your expectations.

FS Curtis Model CT reciprocating air compressor. Green with logo.

FS-Curtis CT Series Reciprocating Compressor 5-10 HP

The FS-Curtis CT reciprocating compressors offer unmatched durability and performance. With a 100% cast-iron build for all critical components, these compressors outperform and outlast those with aluminum parts. The two-stage cast-iron pump, deep-finned cylinders, and ductile iron crankshaft ensure efficient operation and exceptional longevity. Quality features include a high-flow stainless steel valve system and precision-fit bearings, enhancing pump life. Designed for ease of maintenance with a visible oil level sight glass and a robust metal intake filter, the CT Series sets a high standard for affordable, industrial-grade compressors, delivering superior pressures and durability.

FS Curtis OL series oil free reciprocating compressor. Shown with compressor pump, tank and aftercooler.

FS-Curtis OL Series Oil-Free Compressors 5-15 HP

FS-Curtis OL Series is the ideal reciprocating oil-less air compressor for critical compressed air quality. The FS-Curtis OL reciprocating compressor is ideal for sensitive applications in industries like food and beverage, medical, pharmaceutical, electronics, and chemical processing. The 100% dry crankcase provides oil-less compressed air for critical applications with zero oil carryover. FS-Curtis OL compressors are environmentally friendly with no oil vapor generated by the compressor, which eliminates the need for oil changes and oil disposal costs.

FS Curtis Masterline air compressor. Duplex style reciprocating air compressor with ultrapack.

FS-Curtis ML Series Reciprocating Compressors 5-30 HP

First introduced over 125 years ago, in 1897, the FS Curtis Masterline air compressor has been the most versatile heavy-duty FS-Curtis compressor available. Built tough to last a last time in very demanding conditions, the FS-Curtis ML Series of Masterline reciprocating air compressors are an excellent choice over splash-lubricated reciprocating compressors and small rotary compressors. For a compressor that lasts a lifetime, the pressure lubricated FS Curtis ML air compressor is waiting for your grandchildren.

FS Curtis CA reciprocating air compressor. Shown with duplex configuration and mounted control.

FS-Curtis CA Series Reciprocating Compressors 5-15 HP

The FS-Curtis CA Series reciprocating compressor is the industry workhorse. The CA compressors are built for long-term performance using the most durable critical components. Long lasting cylinders, cylinder heads, crankshaft, connect rods, pistons and stainless steel valves are worry-free. FS-Curtis CA compressor quality ensures all parts are manufactured to precision tolerances for high efficiency, superior performance, and years of life under demanding conditions.


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