FS-Curtis OL Series Oil-Free Air Compressors

FS Curtis OL Series oil free reciprocating compressor

FS-CURTIS OL Series Oil-Free Air Compressor

FS-Curtis OL Series compressor is the ideal reciprocating oil-less air compressor for applications where critical air quality is required such as food and beverage, medical, chemical processing, pharmaceutical, electronics, and more. Oil-less and high performance reciprocating air compressor.

FS Curtis OL air compressor with aftercooler and tank.

FS-Curtis OL Oil-Free Reciprocating Compressor 5-15 HP

An energy saving workhorse, the FS-Curtis OL Series’ 100% dry crankcase provides oil-less compressed air for critical applications with zero oil carryover. It’s environmentally friendly with no oil vapor generated by the compressor, which eliminates the need for oil changes and oil disposal costs. The low speed pump and robust cast-iron crankcase, cylinder, and cylinder head ensures that the OL will offer long-term reliability and long-lasting performance.


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