FS-Curtis CF Series Compressed Air Filters

FS-Curtis CF compressed air filter housings. Duplex filters shown.

FS-Curtis CF Series Compressed Air Filter Housings

The FS-Curtis CF Series compressed air filters are designed to enhance system performance and protect investments by significantly reducing pressure drops. Utilizing advanced air filtration media and manufacturing techniques, these filters ensure operating cost savings while maintaining the quality of air required for various applications. Compact and efficient, the CF Series embodies FS-Curtis’s commitment to world-class quality standards, offering a reliable solution for removing contaminants from compressed air systems. These filters are ideal for a wide range of industrial applications, with flow rates up to 21,250 SCFM, ensuring consistent output quality and minimizing maintenance costs.

FS Curtis CF compressed air filter housing. Single black filter with gauge.

FS-Curtis CF Compressed Air Filters - 20-21,250 CFM

FS-Curtis CF Series compressed air filter housings tackle the common contaminants found in compressed air systems, including dust, dirt, rust, compressor lubricants, water droplets, acidic condensates, and hydrocarbon vapors. Their innovative design features push-on elements for easy replacement, piston-type element to housing seals to prevent unfiltered air bypass, and corrosion-resistant cores for structural integrity. The series offers seven element grades, from moisture separators to oil vapor removal filters, allowing for customized filtration solutions tailored to specific air quality requirements. The filters' matrix-blended fiber media and coated closed-cell foam sleeves enhance efficiency and durability, resisting chemical attacks and ensuring low resistance to flow. This comprehensive approach to air filtration enables the CF Series to deliver high efficiencies and minimize pressure drop across a broad spectrum of industrial settings, from automotive to pharmaceutical, thereby safeguarding downstream processes and equipment.


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