New Eriez R&D Hub at Cardiff University

Eriez has announced a new state-of-the-art R&D hub at Cardiff University focusing on groundbreaking innovations in metal detector signal processing, electronic design, AI, and enhanced coil performance.

The new facility at Cardiff University’s innovative campus in Wales marks a significant step towards pushing the boundaries of technology for not only metal detection, but also magnetic separation and material handling.

The collaboration between Eriez and Cardiff University began with the Magnetic Materials & Applications (MAGMA) research center and an Engineering and Knowledge Transfer Partnership (eKTP) from 2019 to 2022. The research and development resulted in a new series of Eriez metal detectors, set to launch in 2024, that promise to redefine industry standards.

The Future of Metal Detectors

Eriez has also funded a new project to improve the performance and reliability of metal detector coils, an important component in the metal detector. In addition, Eriez is working closely with the university on an Artificial Intelligence (AI) feasibility study, supported by InnovateUK, to explore AI techniques in metal detection for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

As Eriez representatives since 1976, we cannot wait to specify and offer the future of metal detection in 2024.

New Eriez R&D hub at Cardiff University for metal detector coil and AI advancement.


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