ERIEZ Magnetic Recycling Equipment Quick to React at Garden Street

Eriez at Garden Street Metal RecyclingGarden Street Recycling began in 1958 close to us in Cincinnati, Ohio and is now managed by the 4th generation of the family, Earl Jr. and his grandson Tyler. Eriez worked with Tyler recently at the Ohio yard to help solve a dilemma caused by the changing scrap market. When the stainless steel-heavy “zurik” grade material (recovered material from our ProSort sorting system) began falling out of favor in global and U.S. markets, Garden Street needed to figure out how to reprocess it to produce marketable metals.

We recommended an Ultra High-Frequency (UHF) eddy current separator. Garden Street currently uses an Eriez UHF to clean up mixed fine metals from the shredder line. The UHF recovers extra-small cast aluminum and copper wire fractions from the end of the fines recovery line that other eddies were simply not getting.

For the problematic zurik, Tyler worked with Eriez to create a customized solution. We determined an American pulverizer ring mill could help liberate materials from each other in this zurik grade as it knocked the pieces down to one-half-inch in size. According to Tyler, the smaller pieces created feedstock for the UHF that was ideal for it to “get out the aluminum and especially the copper—the UHF really agitates it well”. Garden Street will also soon install an Eriez Stainless Steel Separator to recover the valuable liberated stainless steel from this product stream.

Whether sorting the zurik or the shredder fines, the Eriez UHF eddy current separator at Garden Street Iron & Metal acts as “its own independent fines line,” Tyler says. “We run it slow and it creates this really nice copper-rich product.” We’re proud to be part of a good relationship with the Weber family and Eriez. “I feel like I have a direct line with Eriez; that’s just not always the case with other vendors,” he adds. “I have a great relationship with Mike Shattuck, and support from the whole company has been great since this shredder was installed seven years ago.”

This is just one example of how Eriez’ innovative recycling equipment and strong customer service is helping recycling plants react to global changes and achieve greater profitability.


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