Eriez® P-Rex® Rare Earth Scrap Drum Excels at Recycling Slag

Eriez P-Rex Rare Earth Drum MagnetIntroduced in 2010 and originally marketed primarily for scrap recycling, Eriez® P-Rex® Rare Earth Scrap Drums are now successfully operating across North America in a wide variety of recycling sectors. The P-Rex is proving its value in the field, beyond scrap recycling operations, by boosting ferrous recovery rates for waste-to-energy and slag recycling facilities.

P-Rex represents a historic breakthrough in ferrous separation. Its powerful permanent magnetic circuit is up to 40 percent stronger than standard electromagnets and capable of moving large spherical objects at twice the distance. With consistently high magnetic performance from edge to edge, this drum pulls more ferrous objects and facilitates more agitation to remove residual waste, without the need for a cyclone system.

“Whether dealing with diverse materials or a more consistent one, the P-Rex excels,” says Chris Ramsdell, Recycling Equipment Product Manager. He adds, “While each recycling sector uses a unique process designed around its specific feedstocks, the P-Rex can adapt and deliver exceptional ferrous recovery results.” Waste-to-energy facility operators are now using P-Rex Scrap Drums to extract metal from the incinerator bottom ash left as a by-product of combustion, even when those ferrous objects are different shapes and sizes.

Eriez P-Rex Drum Magnet LogoAnother newer application for P-Rex Scrap Drums is slag recycling. This powerful separator has the ability to recover ferrous material from slag, the complex steelmaking byproduct that contains trace and varying amounts of iron. In scrap recycling, P-Rex continues to serve as the central ferrous recovery mechanism within a yard’s  shredding and sorting processes. This sector often integrates P-Rex as a part of the Eriez CleanStream™ Process. Eriez’ CleanStream Process incorporates the brute-force power of the P-Rex Scrap Drum with the Shred1™ Ballistic Separator, which produces a #1 Shred (<.17% Cu) and the PokerSort™, which extracts troublesome “pokers” from the shred


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