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Dollinger Filter Elements

Selecting the right filter element medium depends on specific operating conditions. Dollinger therefore offers a range of over 200 different filter element media. Dollinger filter elements include natural and synthetic materials, such as polyester, glass fiber (woven or needle-felted), Teflon, cotton and stainless steel. We supply media for retentions up to 99.97% efficiency at 0.3 microns.

Radial Fin Cartridge Elements

Dollinger Filter ElementsThe Dollinger filter element incorporates the efficient radial finned design which provides the largest filtration area for a given element size. This increases dirt-holding capacity, minimizes pressure drop and results in an extended service life. The filter media support structure utilizes carbon steel or alternatively, stainless steel. The standard filter element design ensures its integrity up to a differential pressure of 50 psid. Special designs are available for applications which demand higher differential capabilities.

Panel Filter Elements

Dollinger Panel Filter ElementFor over 50 years, Dollinger has been the leader in air intake filtration prior to an air compressor. The Dollinger Panel Filter Element is the original panel filter element for protecting air compressors. In keeping with our strong filtration development, the current Dollinger 2nd stage panel filter is the only panel filter on the market capable of 3,500 SCFM. Unquestionable quality, unmatchable features, and only from Dollinger / SPX.