Screw Feeder Improves Speed & Accuracy

The Problem: The manual feeding of 50 lb. bags of resin for the manufacturer of PVC flexible film was slow, labor intensive, inaccurate and hazardous.

The Equipment: Model DB1 Volumetric Screw Feeder manufactured by Metalfab, Inc. of Vernon, NJ.

Volumetric Screw FeederThe Solution: The customer wanted a system which would increase feed speed and accuracy and reduce labor requirements. The Metalfab DB-1 Feeder has the ability to handle large 2,200 lb. “super sacks” (bulk bags), which are considerably more economical to purchase than 50 lb. bags. The new system needs only one employee to monitor and control, while the old one required two men to lift, slit and dump hundreds of bags each shift. The feeder’s simple, but sturdy design ensures minimum maintenance and maximum reliability. The customer’s DB-1 handles 3.75 per cubic foot vinyl resin at a rate of 8,000 lbs./hr. and operates for one eight hour shift, six days a week.

The Result: The customer has increased feed speeds with greater accuracy. It has realized additional benefits in improved housekeeping and safety, and reduced product contamination resulting from the use of the Metalfab Screw Feeder. In addition, the firm no longer has to pay for the disposal of large quantities of the 50 lb. bags.


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