Eriez® Metal Loss Monitor Takes the Guesswork out of Metal Recovery for MRF/MSW Applications

Material Recovery Facilities (MRF) and Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) operators can utilize the advanced Eriez® Metal Loss Monitor (MLM) to continually scan their residue stream for metal that has escaped the process and is headed for landfill disposal. By taking the guesswork out of metal recovery, the MLM gives users the ability to observe the performance of their systems for variations over time and make adjustments required to improve metal recovery and boost profits.

In MRF/MSW applications, the MLM is typically positioned on the final waste stream conveyor. It has a counter that can be reset hourly, daily or even for each disposal truck load. The data acquisition and reporting package gives plant managers the ability to see trends in metal losses. Operators receive text or email alerts when metal content exceeds thresholds. The MLM will allow MRF/MSW operators the opportunity to adjust upstream equipment and processes to maximize metals recovery.

“In spite of the improvements in recovery, MRF operators still know intuitively that they continue to miss metal as they watch potential profits go to the landfill,” says Chris Ramsdell, Product Manager-Recycling Equipment. “Instead of just wondering how much valuable metal passes through your facility unrecovered, the MLM provides you the power to do something about it.”

According to Eriez, the MLM supports the company’s ongoing efforts to improve the grade/recovery curve by providing feedback on recovery performance. “As a true end-to-end metal recovery solutions provider, we offer complete packages for MRF/MSW applications to improve customers’ bottom lines by keeping valuable metals out of the waste stream,” says Ramsdell.


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