Van Air Prep 10 Compressed Air Dryer Package

Van Air Prep 10 Compressed Air Dryer PackageNo other air dryer manufacturer offers a skid packaged regenerative compressed air dryer with an onboard aftercooler. The compete air drying package is designed for anyone who needs -40°F dry compressed air. Eliminate the use of a separate aftercooler and save time and hassle.

Portable air preparation packages for cool, clean and dry compressed air.

• Aftercooler
• Moisture Separator w/ drain
• Prefilter
• Heatless Regenerative dryer for -40°F Pressure Dew Point
• Afterfilter
• All components pipe and mounted on a forklift skid
• Available in sizes from 250 SCFM to 1600 SCFM
•115/1/60 power requirement or all pneumatic controls

The Prep 40 Air Dryer System is recommended for:

• Sandblast and painting operations that require -40°F Pressure Dew Point
• Back up air treatment if portable compressors are used when a primary
• compressor goes down
• Rail Yards
• Shipyards
• Rental Air / Compressor Houses


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