Ultra Force Feeders Move Tons of the Toughest Materials

Eriez UltraForce FeederEriez’ heavy duty Ultra Force Mechanical Vibrating Feeders provide a reliable, economical and controlled way to move up to 2,500 tons per hour of bulk materials at either fixed or variable rates. The long stroke and low frequency of these rugged feeders make them ideal for handling a variety of materials such as steel, coal, coke, rock, glass, sand and chemicals in sizes from large lumps to fines. In addition, light products such as wood chips, fine clays and powders can be fed without excessive buildup on tray surfaces.

The lower cost Ultra Force Feeders offer capacities from 260 to 2,500 tph (236 to 2,267 mtph) based on dry sand weighing 100 lbs./cu. ft. (1,600 kg/cu meter) and a 10 degree downslope. A wide range of standard tray sizes up to a maximum of 84 inches (2,132 mm) wide and 156 inches (3,695mm) long are available, along with screen decks, grizzlies and special liners.

Motion occurs when a centrifugal force is applied to a reaction mass, which drives the tray through a set of coil springs. The frequency of the centrifugal force is near the natural frequency of the two-mass system to amplify tray motion for reliable and efficient operation.


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