SPX FLOW Dollinger LL-142 Liquid Filters

SPX FLOW Dollinger LL-142 Liquid Filters were recently featured in Compressed Air Best Practices Magazine.

“The SPX FLOW Dollinger brand is known for its advanced portfolio of air intake, compressed air/gas particulate, coalescing filters, oil mist elimination and liquid process filtration solutions. Alongside leading standard products using latest filtration innovations, advanced engineering and manufacturing capability means solutions can be customized to exact customer requirements. Dollinger also offers experience and capacity for the design and manufacture of complete, multi-technology skid solutions with fully integrated mechanical and electrical components.

Within the Dollinger portfolio are the highly efficient LL-142 liquid filters. Designed to remove final traces of dirt, pipe scale and other solids from process liquids, these innovative units use a radial fin element design to maximize the effective filtration area and minimize pressure drop across the filter. The large filtration area, which is up to 10 times bigger than equivalent tubular type cartridge filters, also increases the dirt holding capacity of the filter to extend service life and reduce maintenance costs. The unit further optimizes uptime with rapid maintenance through the use of a single filtration element within the unit, which can usually be cleaned and re-used. For particularly demanding applications, stainless steel mesh media can additionally be incorporated into the element design.

The LL-142 filter can be customized to match specific process needs and is available with up to 200 different filtering media and a selection of construction materials to handle process and installation conditions. The filtration basket has a standard collapse pressure of 1.5 to 3.45 bar, with high pressures available if required. The housing is designed and constructed as standard in accordance with ASME VIII, Division 1 Pressure Vessel construction code with design to other codes also available as required.

Also within the Dollinger range, oil mist eliminators offer exceptional performance with capture of oil droplets and particles down to 0.3 micron. This efficient removal of oil mists keeps the surrounding environment and equipment cleaner and so easier to maintain, preventing the formation of dangerous and slippery surrounding work areas.

Once installed and running, the SPX FLOW Dollinger oil mist eliminator requires minimum maintenance with a filter element life of up to five years. The unit further increases economical operation by enabling more efficient maintenance of surrounding machinery and by capturing the escaping oil and recirculating it into the lube tank, to reduce turbine and compressor oil consumption.

All of SPX FLOW Dollinger filtration solutions are designed for efficiency, exceptional performance and reliability, to reduce the total cost of ownership and protect valuable machinery. They are designed for optimal performance with advanced engineering capability to meet even the most exacting of installation and application requirements and are supported throughout their lifetime with leading engineering and aftermarket services.”

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