Powdered Activated Carbon Storage & Metering Systems

Powdered Activated Carbon PAC Storage and Conveying SystemsMetalfab has published a new brochure on their fully engineered, integrated powdered activated carbon (PAC) systems for metering of sorbents used to control mercury emissions from power generation plants.

Engineered to provide proper storage, controlled flow, and accurate metering of PAC, Metalfab’s systems combine the company’s proven bin activators, activated Posibins™ and “Better-Weigh®” gravimetric feeders with all required process controls, instrumentation, knife gate valves, and interconnecting piping.

This PAC feeding and metering system is then pre-installed beneath a fully engineered storage silo to provide precise PAC metering to the final downstream injection system feeding the flue gas ductwork. The end result is a high efficient system that achieves targeted mercury emission reductions while eliminating excessive PAC consumption and high operating costs, and to meet emission reduction targets at the lowest possible cost.


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