New Metalfab Bag Splitter for Opening Bags of Seed-Like Products

Metalfab MHS, LLC, an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of dry solids processing equipment, integrated systems and subsystems, specialty fabrication and related services, has announced availability of their new Automatic Bag Slitter.

Used to open bags of aquicultural seed and seed-like products, the Slitter uses a rotating stainless steel blade to cut the bag while simultaneously discharging product into a hopper for conveying, feeding, or hoppering. Fully enclosed, the bag slitter provides a safe, dust-free way to quickly open 30 to 60 pound bags at a rate of 30 plus bags per minute.

The Bag Slitter’s compact, rugged design provides long life and versatility to accommodate other Metalfab equipment such as hoppers, conveyors, and feeders. The Slitter also features an adjustable guide wheel that accommodates different bag thicknesses to ensure a complete bag cut, and helps press fit the bag into position for cutting.

The system’s Plexiglas viewing windows permit safe monitoring of the system while in operation, and its removable side panels allow for quick and easy cleaning and maintenance. An optional integral blade sharpener sharpens the blade without removal to save time and improve throughput, and an optional “bag kicker” disposes of bags in an effective and easy manner.


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