New ERIEZ Stainless Steel Magnetic Separator

The new Eriez Stainless Steel Magnetic Separator recovers stainless steel fragments with a powerful Rare Earth Pulley. Typically, stainless steel has been recovered using expensive sensor sorting technology. Using an Eriez Stainless Steel Magnetic Separator, stainless can now be effectively recovered much more economically.

The SS Separator is positioned as a magnetic head pulley on conveyors belts up to 60″ wide. The rare earth pulley produces an extremely high surface gauss easily attracting and holding work-hardened stainless steel, Series 400 stainless steel, and other weakly magnetic materials.

Eriez offers Stainless Steel separating systems from 20″ wide to 60″ wide and include vibratory feeders and separator conveyors. We can also offer optional Scalping Drum Magnets installed prior to the SS Separator to recover ferrous metals. This can greatly improve magnetic separator and protect the high strength magnetic separator and belt.


  • Powerful Rare Earth Magnetic Pulley
  • Wear Resistant Belt
  • Variable Speed Controls
  • Adjustable Splitter
  • Heavy-Duty Frame


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