Metalfab Introduces New Line of Static Hoppers

Metalfab is pleased to announce a new line of “Static Hoppers” for applications requiring a small ‘stand alone’ hopper, or where product bulk densities may exceed the design capacity of an integral hopper as normally provided with a Metalfab DB1 Series Volumetric Screw Feeder. The Static Hopper may also be used as a ‘surge hopper’ preceding the Metalfab DB2 Screw Feeders, or as a Gain-In-Weight Hopper, etc.

Metalfab recommends their unique dual-baffle Bin Activator for ingredients with a Material Classification of Class 4 – 5.

(Class 4 = Powder, sluggish, adhesive cohesive
Class 5 = Fibrous, Floculent or Flaky)

The Metalfab Static Hoppers are available with 304 or 316 Stainless Steel contact areas.


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