FREE Testing of Your Desiccant

Before you find water in your compressed air lines, or reject products due to contamination from your air lines, contact B&H.

We can test the desiccant in any regenerative dryer to make sure it has the capacity to do its job.

When adsorbent desiccant wears out, breakthrough is sudden. A -40 dew point can turn into a saturated air stream in just a few days.

Imagine a bucket that is collecting water. When it fills, it spills.
This is a lot like a regenerative air dryer vessel.

B&H has many types of adsorbent desiccant available for immediate shipment for all major brands of compressed air dryers. Activated Alumina, Silica Gel, Molecular Sieve and many others.

Below is a diagram illustrating “breakthrough” and what happens when your adsorbent desiccant wears out.


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