Eriez Xtreme™ Rare Earth Magnets are Strongest

Eriez Xtreme Rare Earth Tube MagnetNew Xtreme™ Rare Earth Magnets are 18% Stronger than All Other Brands & Company Offers FREE Pull Test to Prove Results

Eriez Magnetics®, the company that continues to lead the marketplace by advancing permanent magnet technology, has yet again set the standard with the introduction of the NEW Xtreme™ Rare Earth Tube Magnet circuit. The new Xtreme magnet circuit, used in tubes, grates and liquid line traps, surpasses previous models and competitive units with its greater holding force, higher gauss rating, and improved separation efficiency. For customers in the process industries, the increased power of Xtreme Rare Earth magnets has a direct and positive impact on product purity and plant productivity.

The new and improved Xtreme Rare Earth Tube Magnet easily outperformed its competition by exhibiting greater pull-test strength in recent comparative tests. Results showed the Xtreme has fifteen percent more strength than existing Eriez magnets – at no increase in cost – and is 18% stronger than any competitive magnet in its class. Test data is available from Eriez.

Processors and manufacturers in the food, plastics, pharmaceutical, mining, foundry, chemical and many other industries need powerful separation equipment. Separators remove contaminants from the product stream, increasing product purity and plant productivity.

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