ERIEZ Rare Earth Dynamic Pulley Magnets

Eriez has announced a new Dynamic Pulley Separator which incorporates a high-power Rare Earth pulley magnet rotating at an off-set speed from the belt. This off-set speed creates an agitating magnetic field which helps liberate entrapped steel and weakly magnetic fines from materials.

A popular application for the Dynamic Pulley Separator is recovering ferrous fines from ASR and Waste-To-Energy bottom ash. It can be used for any application, typically upstream of an Eddy Current Separator, but can also be used to separate steel and ferrous fines from plastics, rubber, and similar materials.

The DPS rare earth pulley separator is suitable for material less than 1-inch in particle size and is available for 40-inch and 60-inch wide belt conveyors.

Are you agitated with your metal fines recovery? Get help with super strong Rare Earth agitation from Eriez!

Eriez Dynamic Pulley Separator


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