Eriez New ProSort™ Airless Metal Recovery Systems

ProSort Airless Metal RecoveryProSort™ from Eriez improves metal separation at a fraction of the cost of air power metal sorters. Ideal for the scrap metals market, the patent-pending ProSort airless metal recovery system uses high sensitivity metal sensors aligned with low energy electromagnetically driven paddles to separate valuable metals from waste material.

ProSort system advantages:

  • NO AIR compressor plant required
  • Low operating and maintenance cost
  • Reduced dust generation
  • Several metal recovery modes including stainless steel
  • Motorized paddles create a powerful “Kicking” action
  • Modular design in units up to 120-inches wide
  • Electromagnetic operation exceeds 40 million cycles
  • Excellent cold weather operation

Easy Access to Modular Components

The ProSort airless metal recovery system features a simple elegant, easy to operate design. The system’s modular construction allows easy access to replaceable sensors and paddle drive units called “six packs.” Each unit of six paddles and six sensors operate from independent power supplies for simple troubleshooting and diagnostics. Six packs are set in a series to create up to 130-inch recovery system.

ProSort Components Include:

  • Six Pack paddle modules
  • Easy glide replaceable sensor modules
  • Six-way adjustable head for accurate projection
  • Slide rail access to drive modules

Low Cost of Operation

By replacing expensive air compressor plants, valves and airlines with energy efficient electromagnetic drives, the ProSort airless metal recovery system requires less than 25% of the electricity needed to operate an air powered sorter.

Dual Mode Segregation

ProSort’s unique modular design and alignment of sensors, paddles and controls allows the components to operate in different modes during a single cycle. Dual mode segregates waste material, ferrous metals, non-ferrous and stainless steel in a single operation.

This illustration below shows half of the belt recovering metals from waste, while the other side is sorting stainless steel from non-ferrous metals. The zones shown can be adjusted between all primary and zero re-run to more than half re-run as the user desires.

Eriez ProSort Metal Separator


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