Eriez New Metal Loss Monitor

Eriez Metal Loss MonitorHave you ever wondered how much valuable metal passes through your yard and is not recovered? Now, you can stop wondering and start doing something about it.

The new Eriez Metal Loss Monitor continuously scans your residue stream for metal that has escaped your process and is headed for landfill disposal.

This monitor will answer nagging questions like:

  • Is your system performing better or worse over time?
  • Does your equipment need an adjustment or maintenance?
  • Do you need more or different separators to reduce the metal losses?

In the simplistic application, the counter on the face of the MLM can be reset hourly, daily or even for each disposal truck load. If a disposal truck is judged to be heavily loaded with valuable metal, yard management can prevent it from being landfilled.

When combined with Eriez optional Data Acquisition and Reporting packages, there are endless possibilities for improvements using trend analysis and statistical process control. Finally, you have real data on metal losses. And, the metal loss data can be made instantly visible to anyone, anywhere on the globe via Eriez Remote Reporting whereby text alerts are sent whenever losses rise above a prescribed number. You do not need to be “on the yard” to know what is happening or if things are running well.

Eriez’ Metal Loss Monitor Features:

  • Rugged composite construction
  • Cantilevered design installs without cutting the belt
  • Positioned on the final picking flat or trough belt conveyor
  • Will not “see” metal lacing or repair clips
  • NEMA 4 Controls with optional wireless transmitter
  • No balancing, tuning or maintenance required

Eriez Metal Loss Monitor InstallationFix Your Metal Problem
Over time the Metal Loss Monitor will help diagnose specific weaknesses in an operator’s system. The goal is to gradually lower the pre-set threshold and reduce the physical count of metals escaping the process. The MLM supports Eriez’ ongoing efforts to push the grade/recovery curve by providing absolute feedback on recovery performance.

Eriez Data Acquisition:

  • Diagnostic tool continuously analyzes fluff stream
  • Online data collection with real-time graphs and trend analysis
  • Optional wireless data transmission
  • Remote reporting
  • Sounds alarms and sends Text Alerts for immediate action

Other Benefits:

  • Provides hand-picking feedback
  • Indicates a process problem has developed
  • Helps quantify and reduce metal sent to landfills


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