Dollinger Filter Housings – SPX Flow vs Celeros Flow

We have represented Dollinger since 1976 and have seen many changes, but one thing has always stayed the same, the extreme high quality of Dollinger gas and compressed air filter housings. When we first began representing Dollinger they were owned by United Dominion. Later they were purchased by Flair Corporation followed by the acquisition from SPX Flow.

With the sale of Dollinger Filtration to Cerleros Flow Technology in 2020, things have pretty much remained the same. Here are some photos of 6-inch filter housings used for a gas pipeline from a long time customer of ours. Besides the name on the nameplate and a better attachment method, everything is exactly the same with the filter housing design and performance. Dollinger filter housings are still fabricated by the same long time employees.

Dollinger gas coalescing filter housings. SPX Flow vs Cerleros Flow Technology gas filters.

What has changed is the introduction of several new product lines including Filtration Test Systems for Gas Processing and Multi Technology Filtration Skid Packages. These large gas filtration packages round out the Dollinger line from small coalescing filter housings to gigantic gas filtration systems.

B&H INDUSTRIAL is still the same three generation, family-owned, Dollinger Filtration representative.


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