Screw Feeder Eliminates Downtime

The Problem: Exposure to high levels of moisture and salt, combined with mechanical problems, was resulting in excess downtime on a feeder at a large midwestern dairy.

The Equipment: Model DB1-2 Volumetric Screw Feeder manufactured by Metalfab, Inc. of Vernon, NJ.

Metalfab Volumetric Screw FeederThe Solution: The dairy, which produces and sells sour cream and cheese cream under several brand names, requires a unit which will operate at a variable speeds to feed milk powder and salt for the production of cream cheese. Because the dial control on the original unit was not accurate, it would feed too fast or bottleneck. In addition, the wire-type screw that was used would twist when powder built up in the discharge tube, hampering or halting feed.

The Metalfab DB1-2’s hand-controlled dial feed allowed easy, variable operation. Interchangeable screw and tube combinations permitted changes in feed rate beyond those obtained through the variable speed drive.

The stainless steel DB1-2 has only five moving parts – the drive, coupling, screw and two bearings – minimizing maintenance and assuring long life. The unit features a five cubic-foot hopper with 70° sloped sides and a large rectangular outlet to assure the positive flow of powders, pellets, flakes and agglomerates used in the food, chemical plastics, pharmaceutical and other processing industries. The DB-2 has a maximum feed rate of 20 cu. ft./hr., but other units are available with rates of up to 550 cu. ft./hr.

The Result: The DB1-2 has been in use at the dairy for almost two years. Operation has been virtually maintenance-free. The Metalfab feed has resisted salt and moisture corrosion and outlasted several competitive units.


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