Return Foundry Sand Flows on Demand

The Problem: Foundry needs New Bin Activator

The Equipment: 12′ Diameter Bin Activator manufactured by Metalfab, Inc. of Vernon, NJ.

Bin Activator for Flow InducementThe Solution: In 1981, a prominent foundry in Indiana installed a Metalfab 12′ diameter Bin Activator to hopper reclaim or return sand. The unit had been in operation for about a year when another application for a 12′ Bin Activator came about. Due to the excellent reputation of our 12′ diameter double baffle unit, they requested the engineering firm to purchase another Metalfab unit.

The Result: The second Bin Activator was shipped in 1983 and now both units are serving them well. In addition to the dual baffle design, which prevents compaction at the outlet, both the foundry company and the engineering firm were impressed that no changes from our standard design were necessary. Other Bin Activator manufacturers may require internal modifications or request that their unit be cycled (turned on and off continuously, whenever discharge is requried) in order to prevent compaction. None of this is necessary with a Metalfab Bin Activator.


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