Reduce Energy Costs and Obtain a Superior Linear Feed Rate

Eriez Vibratory Feeder AC vs DC sine waveThe Problem: DC Electromagnetic Drives use a less efficient “attract and release” system where half of the sine wave is eliminated with a rectifier and turned into heat, and the DC pulsed power delivery is much less linear. This means as voltage is increased to the unit power is squared.

The Equipment: Eriez Electromagnetic AC operated Vibratory Feeder

The Solution: The Eriez AC operated drive using the full sine wave delivers power to the unit proportionately to the voltage increase . . . a “smooth” increase in power. Eriez Hi-Vi Feeders can yield energy savings of as much as 68%, according to calculations made using published power consumption figures for typical DC, attract-release, spring-return type feeders. Obviously, specific annual dollar savings vary with the size of the unit, electrical rates, and the number of hours of operation per year.

Eriez standard Hi-Vi feeder models include high speed units capable of handling light, bulk materials at speeds of up to 60 feet per minute and heavy duty units with capacities to 550 tons per hour.

A variety of compact, energy efficient Hi-Vi bin vibrators include models for use in applications from tiny 2-cubic foot hoppers to huge bunkers.

A wide variety of screens, decks, grizzlies, special liners and other adaptations are also available.

TEriez Vibratory Feederhe Result: Eriez units operate directly from an alternating current line. No costly rectifier is required. AC operation results in superior linear feed rates and reduced energy costs.

In addition to saving energy, these Hi-Vi feeders and vibrators provide outstanding performance and reliability under a wide range of operating requirements. For example, stepless transformer-type control allows you to vary applied line voltage and obtain from zero to 100% of capacity with excellent linearity and minimal heat generated. This assures exact feed rate for any application and eliminates surging when changing from one speed to another. SCR controls are available for automated and solid state components are available for all units.


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