Hydraulic Bulk Bag Squeezer Breaks Up Solid Ingredients

The Problem: The customer offers a complete spectrum of vinyl, polyethylene, thermoplastic and related compounds with over 50 years of polymer development. This customer was replacing their old process where 50 lb. bags were hand dumped into a pneumatic conveying system that fed directly into a charge tank. Switching to bulk bags would not only be a cost savings on ingredients but would reduce operator contact as well. This system would be relocated to a hazardous location above the charge tank. As well, the TMA would require a completely dust free discharge system to meet OSHA requirements.

The Equipment: Bulk Bag Discharger & Bulk Bag Squeezer

The Solution: Engineering offered a total containment Bulk Bag Discharge system, utilizing an Isolation Chamber to guarantee containing any emissions to 0.01 PPM over an eight-hour period. A support base was custom designed to allow integration on a new mezzanine that was being constructed above the new charge tank. The TMA and Phthalic Anhydride ingredients flow fairly well, however the Adipic acid can set-up into a hard block. An included a Bag Squeezer as an integral component of the Bag discharger to break up the set of the adipic acid bags.

The adipic acid has a tendency to form into a solid block that is impossible to get out of a bulk bag. A hydraulic bag squeezer is integrated as part of the support frame that allows the operator to squeeze the bag, thereby breaking up the ingredient in the bag, as it is being placed into the discharge hopper.


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