Economical Discharging of Ingredient using Bulk Bags

The Problem: A manufacturer has traditionally received ingredient in boxes. Suppliers are now offering the ingredient in bulk bags and, in some cases, at a discounted price per pound. In addition to ingredient cost savings, safety and productivity must be taken into account.

We analyzed the plant’s current ingredient handling process focusing on package handling logistics, safety and product and package waste.

Ingredient: Resin beads, 5 pcf. Current price is $0.50 per lb.; discount for receiving in bulk bags is $0.01 per lb.

Annual usage: 3,000,000 lbs.

Boxes: 1,000 lb. and 1,500 lb. rigid, corrugated containers.

Product Waste: Typically, 2 lbs. of product is either spilled during the tipping procedure or left in the box when using a vacuum wand.

Package waste: Boxes have to be broken and placed in a waste disposal container.

Proposed bulk bag: 2,200 lb. capacity. Can be either reused or folded and placed in a waste disposal container.

Operation: Boxes are placed in a storage warehouse prior to being taken to the production area. They are emptied using either a tipper or a vacuum wand system and conveyed to the process.

Metalfab Bulk Bag Unloader / DischargerThe Equipment:  Bulk Bag Discharger

The Solution: Our bulk bag unloader is an economical means of safely and completely discharging the resin beads.

The steep sloped hopper and vibrator promotes ingredient flow resulting in 100% discharge and zero product waste.

Because of the higher payload per package using bulk bags, package handling and package waste is reduced.

Unlike other bulk bag dischargers, with wear items like paddles and massagers, our hopper style bulk bag unloader completely supports the bulk bag and allows the operator easy access to the bottom of the bag through a shoulder height hopper access door. This ensures that the operator does not have to reach under a suspended load.


• Steep sloped hopper to shape the bag and promote ingredient flow;

• Hopper mounted vibrator to ensure 100% discharge;

• Robust frame designed for fork lift loading of the bag;

• Frame designed to straddle existing box tipper; or,

• Shoulder height access for untying bulk bag; and,

• Bulk bag is fully supported by the hopper ensuring completely safe discharging.


• Less package handling;

• Existing conveying systems are reused;

• No ingredient waste;

• Less package waste disposal;

• Safe package handling.

The Result: Switching to bulk bags is saving money, reducing waste and improving productivity. And, the capital investment required to make it happen was paid back in less than 3 months!


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