Industrial Equipment Makes Every Day Like Labor Day

Labor Day for Manufacturers and EquipmentA lot of manufacturers are closed on Labor Day, or at least the offices and staff are closed, and it’s a welcomed day for many. So while we are a little slower today, we thought we’d give you some ideas on how to have less work every day with equipment and products from B&H INDUSTRIAL.

Bulk Bag Unloaders / Bulk Bag Fillers
Switch from unloading 50 Lbs Bags to 2,000 Bulk Bags and save a lot of time, labor and money. Package product in bulk bags versus small bags, drums or boxes and there are typically many advantages. We can also fill drums, boxes and bulk bags with one filling system for additional labor and cost savings.

Self Cleaning Magnets
Pulley Magnets, Self-Cleaning Permanent Suspended Magnets, Electro Suspended Magnets, Drum Magnets, Eddy Current Separators, and Metal Sorting Systems save labor and recover a lot more money in metals!

Dry air provided by desiccant provides less trouble, maintenance and downtime with air tools, valves and any equipment using compressed air.

Flow Inducement Equipment
How many hours are wasted with employees banging on bins, chutes and hoppers to get product to flow? Reduce labor, hammers and headaches with Bin Vibrators for chutes or small hoppers and Bin Activators for large hoppers, tanks and silos.

Dust Collection Equipment
Avoid excessive cleaning, equipment problems and fire hazards with proper dust collection for your entire facility.

We try to make every day a little more like Labor Day for you and your fellow employees.


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